Legal notice

Information about our products

The information on this website contains only general descriptions and / or features that may not apply exactly as described for the particular application and which we have changed due to further product improvements. The technical data, illustrations and other information on our products are only the result of an individual technical check. These descriptions and other product characteristics are only binding if they were expressly agreed upon when a binding contract was concluded. In all other cases, we reserve the right to make technical changes and changes to availability. Pictures and other graphic representations are only approximate. All product names may be trademarks or brand names of the RAFI Group or another subcontractor of RAFI. Use by third parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of the respective legal entity.


It goes without saying that we always strive to meet the needs of our customers. Nevertheless, we must make it clear that the availability of materials and advance delivery are prerequisites for our production and that changes in legislation can always lead to changes or discontinuation of our products.

Subject to change

We, the RAFI Group, reserve the right to deviate from the information on this website, in particular with regard to the technical and external designs, colours and materials from which the products are made. Excluded from this are the basic core functions of our products on which our customers rely